Sunday thoughts

Yesterday afternoon, I was checking my emails on my phone while cuddled up next to my boyfriend. I get a massive amount of spam emails and seem to have five new subscriptions per day (as probably most of us…). But I was looking at one newsletter from a well-known sports brand and something caught my … More Sunday thoughts

Yoga Videos

I am still at the beginning of my practice but I do love yoga. I might not do it every day, not even every week and I don’t do it regularly either. But I want to show others in the same situation that it is still possible to make progress, to get better and to … More Yoga Videos

2 Years of BBG

I can’t believe another YEAR of BBG has gone by. I don’t know where to begin describing this amazing journey I’ve started on Dec 22, 2014. As most girls, I started the bikini body guides because I was looking for a training plan that would give me physical results that I couldn’t achieve with my then plan. … More 2 Years of BBG


I’ve always had trouble with holding my weight so needless to say I had quite some ups and downs over the years (even though I’m still pretty young to say so). But ever since coming out of puberty, I have had a very slow metabolism. My body was already super slow to react to any … More Hypothyroidism

Coconut yogurt cake

Super delicious, healthy and moist coconut yogurt cake 🍰. Felt like I needed something to pick me up this afternoon😊 I hope you enjoy it as well. It’s super quick and easy to make. 350g flour (I used whole-wheat) 2 packs (30g) baking powder pinch of salt 100g coconut protein powder 10-20g shredded coconut 190 … More Coconut yogurt cake