Hamburg meine Perle

Deutscher Artikel unten :-). As you’ve probably seen on my Instagram profile, I spent the last weekend in Hamburg. Now that it’s getting warmer, I’m totally up for new adventures and weekend trip to make memories. My journey started Friday afternoon after my peds class with a six hour train ride northwards which went surprisingly … More Hamburg meine Perle

Sunday thoughts

Yesterday afternoon, I was checking my emails on my phone while cuddled up next to my boyfriend. I get a massive amount of spam emails and seem to have five new subscriptions per day (as probably most of us…). But I was looking at one newsletter from a well-known sports brand and something caught my … More Sunday thoughts

Yoga Videos

I am still at the beginning of my practice but I do love yoga. I might not do it every day, not even every week and I don’t do it regularly either. But I want to show others in the same situation that it is still possible to make progress, to get better and to … More Yoga Videos

2 Years of BBG

I can’t believe another YEAR of BBG has gone by. I don’t know where to begin describing this amazing journey I’ve started on Dec 22, 2014. As most girls, I started the bikini body guides because I was looking for a training plan that would give me physical results that I couldn’t achieve with my then plan. … More 2 Years of BBG


I’ve always had trouble with holding my weight so needless to say I had quite some ups and downs over the years (even though I’m still pretty young to say so). But ever since coming out of puberty, I have had a very slow metabolism. My body was already super slow to react to any … More Hypothyroidism